Regional economic development programme (RWP.NRW): Money for corporate investments

Koch Führung des Unternehmens

In the past, it was virtually impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to receive grants for investments, expansion or new construction projects. Since July 2014, however, it has been possible to obtain a non-repayable grant from the state. The first Wuppertal-based companies have already benefited from this.

The aim of these grants is to provide investment incentives for the creation and safeguarding of permanent jobs and apprenticeship places. The Regional Economic Development Programme – Commercial (RWP.NRW) is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized companies from the industrial, trade and service sectors. “Usually, only large companies are supported by subsidies, and in the past there were hardly any funding opportunities for small, family-owned companies like ours,” says Angelika Koch from Koch Werkzeugbau. The company has just obtained approval, and has received a non-repayable subsidy of EUR 160,000 for its EUR 800,000 investment for the expansion of its machinery fleet. With this investment, the company is well prepared for a new order from a major client. In this case, the 20% subsidy was linked to the creation of four new jobs. Due to the expansion, the company has recruited seven new employees, and it is likely to take on even more.