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Koch Produktion

Commissioning of two additional pressing lines

A few days ago, the excitement and joy was great as our two new press lines for the BMW X2 were delivered. In the future, we will produce series parts for the new BMW X2. With our consent, external clients are welcome to hire our press, as well,…
Koch soziales Engagement

Childcare assistance

Great fun for little adventurers! To the great delight of all the children at the “INCLUSIVE – Kinder miteinander e.V.” kindergarten, a new hammock swing (sponsored by us) has been inaugurated. This new toy will provide even more variety…
Koch Konzeption

Commissioning of QS Keyence measuring projector

We are happy with the commissioning of our new Keyence measuring projector for the cross-sectional testing and quality assurance of different components. Quality checks are firmly integrated into the production process and reinforce confidence…
Koch Führung

Regional economic development programme (RWP.NRW): Money for corporate investments

In the past, it was virtually impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to receive grants for investments, expansion or new construction projects. Since July 2014, however, it has been possible to obtain a non-repayable grant from the…

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