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Stamping parts, bending parts and deep-drawing line made of stainless steel

Flexible fields of application, excellent processing possibilities – punched parts, bent parts and deep-drawing lines made of stainless steel are suitable for various fields of application due to the extensive material properties. In particular, their resistance to numerous external influences stands out. These workpieces are characterised by their resistance to water, water vapour, humidity, food acids and weak organic and inorganic acids. In addition, stainless steel can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius.

Stamped parts, bent parts and deep-drawing lines made of stainless steel for many industries

These properties make such products suitable for a wide range of industries. These include, for example, the food industry, mechanical engineering, beverage production, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, chemical apparatus engineering, architecture, vehicle construction, the medical sector with surgical instruments as well as cabinet and kitchen construction. For some special applications, the corrosion resistance must be increased with an additional process. Electropolishing is suitable for stamping parts, bending parts and deep-drawing lines made of stainless steel. The workpiece is anodically switched by an electronic polishing process

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As a forward-looking company with a long tradition, we know first-hand that modern production processes are the key to success. This is why we rely on modern machines combined with the expertise of our employees for the production of stamped parts, bent parts and deep-drawn lines made of stainless steel. This results in workpieces that meet the highest quality requirements. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of our series production of workpieces and stainless steel.

Stamped parts, bent parts and deep-drawn parts made of various materials

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