Stanzteile für Bauwesen

Stamping parts, bent parts, drawn parts for the building industry

The building industry is constantly faced with new challenges. Particularly from an ecological point of view, the industry is subject to great dynamics as a result of the trend towards smart building. In order to survive in this dynamic field, efficient and flexible solutions are needed in the area of building components. Our stamped parts, bent parts and drawn parts for the construction industry support our customers in mastering this challenge.

Stamping parts, bent parts and drawn parts in the construction industry – It all depends on the material

For stamped parts, bent parts and drawn parts very different requirements apply in the building industry. For example, components for lightweight construction must have other properties than design elements. Thanks to our extensive industry knowledge and expertise in the field of materials, we work with you to select the ideal material for your individual needs. We pay attention to both functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Best technology for stamping parts, bent parts and drawn parts in the buliding indust

Especially in the construction industry, extremely large order volumes are not uncommon. However, with our high-performance machinery we guarantee absolute adherence to delivery dates. For this we have both conventional and modern CNC machines at our disposal. This enables us to select the most appropriate process for you. Our focus here is on functionality and economy.

High quality and low price

Our production is largely automated thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Our customers benefit twice as much from this. On the one hand, this ensures our high KochS quality standard. This was also certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. On the other hand, this results in extremely efficient production, so that we can offer you an excellent price-performance relation.