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A family company with tradition

Koch Werkzeugbau was founded in 1967, and to this day remains an independent family company. On the basis of our experience, we have continuously developed our expertise and technology.

We therefore combine constant innovation with long-standing tradition and are among the sought-after and recognised solution partners for sophisticated stamping and moulding technology.

3 generations
Personal proximity to our customers and partners is just as important to us as our responsibility for our 55 employees and our site in Wuppertal, which is currently managed by the 3rd generation of the family.

Robert Koch
1. Generation
Founder of the tool-making company

Bernd Koch
2. Generation
Senior partner

Benjamin Koch
3. Generation
Operational management


Company achievements

2018 – 2020

Expansion to Production Site 3


Digitalisation & launch of our new website

  • Creation of KPI Dashboard OEE — Digitalisation of manufacturing
  • Corporate ID


Expansion of service & quality

  • Construction of warehouses and QS with Keyence measuring machine, expansion of production with 2 additional 30 t press lines for our series project BMW X2 (C pillar channel strip), and 12 highly qualified employees.
  • Appointment of sales and project manager for toolmaking; appointment of quality manager
  • successful audit pursuant to DIN ISO 9001:2015


Expansion of the machinery fleet

  • Construction of 2 production lines with 300 t press force for our series project Alfa Romeo Stelvio (C pillar channel strip) and 12 highly qualified employees
  • Business development programme


Launch of the 2nd Presstec site

  • Including new 800 t pressing and lifting equipment for try-out


Acquisition of 2nd Presstec site


Expansion of the machinery fleet in the field of erosion


Integration of the ERP system


CAD CAM general 3D solution Visi


New manager

  • Robert Koch Werkzeugbau is transformed into Koch Werkzeugbau GmbH by son Benjamin
  • Benjamin Koch is the owner and sole manager

2002 – 2005

Automation and expansion

  • Koch extends its machinery fleet (CNC turning, milling, erosion)


Foundation of the limited company

  • Robert Koch Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co.KG is founded on 22 March 2002. Bernd Koch is the Managing Director



  • Robert Koch died on 14 July 2001


New manager of the operational business

  • Mr. Bernd Koch is the manager of the operational business


Continuation of construction and development

  • After successfully completing his studies, Mr Bernd Koch is responsible for design and development at Werkzeugbau Koch, through the amalgamation of Plant 1 with Plant 2 in Plant 3
  • Expansion of the team to approx. 30 employees


Amalgamation of Plant 1 with Plant 2 in Plant 2

  • Reduction of the team to approx. 25 employees
  • Bernd Koch starts studying mechanical engineering, specialising in design technology.
  • Installation of Plant 3 in the new site for the production of semi-finished products


Son Bernd Koch joins the company

  • Installation of Plant 2; manufacture of special machinery (packaging machines)
  • Expansion of the team to approx. 35 employees
  • Expansion of tool making


Robert Koch Werkzeug- und Vorrichtungsbau – owner: Robert Koch

  • The company is established as a sole proprietorship on 22 December 1962
  • In the early years, Koch Werkzeugbau produces progressive tools primarily for components for the textile industry (press studs, hollow rivets, etc.)

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